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Beauty glove for facial and body care from the company ECOWAY is a huge breakthrough in the industry of beauty and care for your skin.
The glove is made of microfibre according to Korean technology with the use of silver ions – which allows not only to use it for removing makeup without the use of oils and micellar water, but also to gently clean the pores of dirt, kill bacteria, and fight the shortcomings of the epidermis. You no longer need to have many jars of remedies in the bathroom – you have the best for your face and body
The universal use in one product makes this glove indispensable at home and when traveling, the convenient size will make it easy to carry it in your purse and take it with you to work or vacation.


Areas of use

  • Put a glove on a comfortable working hand and soak it in warm water, use it for washing, removing makeup or bathing
  • Do not use any products containing chemicals, if you want, then use any care soap from the company ECOWAY to pamper your skin with natural nutrients
  • Silver ions in microfiber have a disinfecting effect on the skin, help to clean the pores and fight deficiencies (absorbs excess fat from the skin surface)
  • Do not use a beauty glove with hot water, do not dry it on electrical appliances, it is permissible to use natural household soap for washing (for example, Eco-touch soap from our company)


  • Size: 14.5*11.5 cm
  • Color: Rose pink
  • The material in the glove is created using a unique microfibre weaving technology
  • Completely eco friendly product and does not require additional funds
  • The material contains silver ions


  • The product can be washed with natural detergents without chlorine or synthetic detergents.
  • Do not use the product in high temperatures. Do not wipe with it hot household appliances or dry the product close to heaters.
  • Do not iron. Do not machine wash
  • From time to time the product needs to be kept in boiling water previously soaped.
  • Subject to use condition, product life is not less than 24 month.
  • Usage of Comfort products help to protect health, as well as to save money and time, as there is no longer need to use household chemicals;
  • With proper care, the appearance and color of Comfort products do not change after usage;
  • Aesthetic pleasure to use: the product is beautiful and pleasant to touch.
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