Infinity Bath Glove


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The Infinity self-care line is complemented by a Bath Glove for a pleasant swim. The delicate texture of the microfiber allows you to gently exfoliate dead cells and renew the elasticity of your skin. The comfortable shape helps you to clean your body as thoroughly as possible. Perfectly combined with the BeLoved soap line.



  • The product can be washed with natural detergents without chlorine or synthetic detergents.
  • Do not use the product in high temperatures. Do not wipe with it hot household appliances or dry the product close to heaters.
  • Do not iron. Do not machine wash.
  • From time to time the product needs to be kept in boiling water previously soaped.
  • Subject to use condition, product life is not less than 24 month.
  • Usage of Comfort products help to protect health, as well as to save money and time, as there is no longer need to use household chemicals;
  • With proper care, the appearance and color of Comfort products do not change after usage;
  • Aesthetic pleasure to use: the product is beautiful and pleasant to touch.

Areas of use

  • Unique microfibre dissection allows you to clean your skin without the use of detergents
  • Activates blood circulation and skin cell renewal
  • Removes dead skin cells, leaving it tender and hydrated
  • The most convenient shape and dimensions of the mittens sit perfectly on the hand and bring pleasure in use
  • Use when bathing in running water in circular movements along the blood circulation lines


  • Size: 22*14 cm
  • Color: Light grey + Blue
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Infinity Bath Glove


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